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Teams looking for players:

Sport Team Name State Age Group/Competition Team Requirements
Badminton Black Rats 2   65+ Team 1 Male
Badminton 3Beauties QLD 60+ Div 2 3 Men
Badminton EverYoung65 NSW 65+ Div 2 4th Man for Doubles and Mixed
Baseball Swaggy Beasts  VIC Men's 35+ Social 3-4 Players
Basketball Hardlys ACT 45+ Women's Div 2 Any
Basketball Fair Dunk'em TAS 35+ Women's A Centre & Forward
Basketball Volcanic Crusaders SA 45+ Women's Div 2 Any
Basketball Wildcats VIC 50+ Women's 2 players
Basketball Wayville Masters SA 45+ A Grade Men's Guard & Centre
Basketball Mega Bucks NSW 65+ Men's Any
Basketball Qld Cactus   Men's 60+ B Any
Basketball Mad ACT Men's 50+ B Forward/Centre
Basketball Breakers 50 VIC Women's 50+ Centre/ Tall Player
Basketball Myths & Legends VIC Women's 30+ Any
Basketball Not Sure Yet VIC Women's 50+ 2 Players
Basketball SA Blues SA Men's 50+ B Any
Beach Volleyball Ali   55+ or 60+ Mixed 4s 1 Female
Beach Volleyball Carolyn NT 50+ Women's 4s Any
Beach Volleyball Tropical Tarts VIC 50+ Women's 4s Any
Dragon Boat Gippytahs VIC Women & Mixed senior A, B, C Paddlers
Dragon Boat Hunter River Dragons NSW Senior C Mixed Paddler 
Dragon Boat Albany Cruisers DBC NSW Mixed Senior C 60+ Paddler (1 or 2 more males needed)
Dragon Boat Adelaide Survivors Abreast SA Breast Cancer 10s Event 7 2 Paddlers
Dragon Boat Deepwater Dragon Boat Club NSW Women's Senior C Sweep
Dragon Boat Mannum Dragons SA

Mixed - Masters 40+ 10's Crews 

Women - Grand Dragons 50+ - Event 4

Dragon Boat HRCC Dragon Boat NSW Senior B Mixed 10s 2 Males
Football Broadbeach Gamblers QLD 35+ Men's Goal Keeper + 2 Players
Football Baulko FC NSW 55+ Men's Any
Futsal Thermawood NSW Mixed 2 Men (GK & forward) 2 womens any
Hockey Helz Gelz ACT 40+ Women's Any
Hockey Essendon Bombers VIC 50+ Women's Any
Hockey MDA Sunnies VIC 50+ Women's Any
Hockey The Old Ducks   35+ Women's 4 Players 
Hockey Doncaster Tomahawks VIC 50+ Men's Any
Hockey Women Taking the Field SA 35+ Women's 5-7 players
Hockey Vic Gold Immortals & Forever Young VIC 60+ Women's Any Field Position
Hockey Nightsticks WA 45+ Men's 3 players including goalie
Hockey ATP Vintage 55 NSW 55+ Women's Strikers
Hockey Turf Queens VIC 40+ Women's Any field player
Kendo WSKC NSW 30-60 Men's Team  Any
Netball Cheeky Babes VIC 45+ B Women's 1x GA, 1x GD
Netball Modbury Chiefs SA 65+ Women's Any
Netball Sapphires NSW 55+ Women's GK/GD & WD
Netball Vintage Crop SA 50+ Women's Any but prefer defensive
Netball Gold Coast Masters QLD 55+ Women's Shooter/ Mid court
Softball Southern Districts Softball Club SA 35+ Women's Social Outfielders/Umpire
Softball Rebels Masters SA 35+ Women's Catcher & utility players 
Softball SA Rebels SA 35+ Womens Competitive Catcher & utility players
Softball Queanbeyan Bears NSW 35+ Men's Outfielders & Umpire
Touch Football Touche SA Mixed W35+/M40+ Any
Touch Football Pirates Touch TAS Mixed W27+/M30+ Any




































































If you would like to get in contact with any of the above mentioned teams click here, or email with the following details:

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  • Team you want to join
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Age/Gender
  • State or country you live in
  • A bit about your experience in your chosen sport

When you send this information through you are giving permission for your details to be passed onto team captains.

Individuals looking for teams/partners:

Sport First Name State/Country Position Played Age Group/ Competition
Badminton Kerryn VIC 1-2 Lady 35+ Div 2
Badminton Sutharshan NT   45+ Div 2
Badminton Selwyn VIC   65+ Men's Doubles Div C
Badminton Johnson VIC   55+ MS & MD Div 3
Badminton Poh Wah     65+ Men's and Mixed Doubles Div 2
Badminton Linda TAS   45+ or above Div C Team
Badminton Nelly QLD   65+ Mixed
Div 2 Partner
Badminton Siddharth     65+ Men's doubles div 2
Badminton Elizabeth VIC   65+ Doubles Social 
Badminton Bruce VIC 3/4 Man 65+ Div 2
Badminton Tim TAS 1.2.3 60+
Baseball Timothy SA Any 50/55
Baseball Ryan SA Pitcher, Catcher, 3rd & Outfield 35+
Baseball Jamie NSW   35+ Men's
Baseball Aaron SA 3rd base 35+ Men's
Basketball Sarah VIC Any 50+ Women's
Basketball Tim NSW Forward/Centre Men's / Mixed 40+
Basketball Bernice VIC Centre 50+ Women's
Basketball Calum SA Guard, Small Forward Men's 45+/ 50+
Basketball David SA Centre Men's 65+
Basketball Clem QLD Guard 30+ Men's
Basketball Jagath   Forward 40+ Div 2
Basketball Sue QLD Guard/Forward Women's 60+
Basketball Trevor SA Power Forward/Centre 35+
Basketball Nigel SA   Men's 50+ B
Basketball Caroline SA Any Women's 55+
Basketball Andreya TAS Any except Centre Mixed or Women's 45+to 65+ A or B Grade (Transgender Woman)
Basketball Susan VIC Any Women's 55+
Basketball Annette SA Any Women's 55+
Basketball Mark QLD Guard 50-55+ Men's/Mixed
Basketball Tony VIC Guard 45+ Men's
Basketball Jamie NSW Any 35+ Men's
Basketball Narni SA   35+ Women's Social
Basketball Leanne SA Guard Women's
Beach Volleyball Tim NSW NA Mixed 40+
Beach Volleyball Sharon NT NA Mixed Pairs
Beach Volleyball Akbar QLD NA Men's 55+
Canoe K2 David WA Prefer #2 but happy to paddle #1 Male or Mixed 60-64
Canoe/Kayak Chris VIC No preference 55-59
Cricket Alan VIC All-Rounder Men's 30+
Cricket Garner VIC Batsman/Wicket Keeper 40+
Dragon Boat Keryn VIC Paddler 40's + Women's or Mixed
Dragon Boat Trish NSW   Breast Cancer Survivor Team
Dragon Boat Janice NSW Paddler Breast Cancer Survivor Team
Dragon Boat Ann NSW Paddler and L3 Sweep Breast Cancer Survivor Team
Dragon Boat Kimmis NSW Paddler Open Senior B's
Football John NSW Forward 40s/45s Men's Soccer
Football Alex SA Any 55+ Men's
Football Victor   Striker 40/45 45 preferred
Football Quentin NSW Midfield 50-55 Men's
Football Billy NSW Back 4 or right wing 50+
Football Danny WA Any 50+ Men's or Mixed
Football Judy ACT Goal keeper 55+ (age 55)
Football John WA Any except Goalie 55+ Men's
Football Steve SA Midfield 55+ Men's
Football Abraham SA No 6 30+
Football Hayley QLD Midfield Women's 30+
Football Rosie NSW Mid/Forward 35 +
Football Peter SA Mid/Forward Men's 55+ or any <55
Football Karin NSW Forward/Mid Women's 30 or 35+
Football Andrew SA Goal Keeper or anywhere 55+ Men's
Football Darren SA Up front 45+ Men's
Futsal Ricardo SA   35+ Men's or Mixed
Futsal Shelley TAS Any Women's or Mixed 35+
Hockey Jan SA Goal Keeper Women's 60+ or 65+
Hockey Phyllis NSW Left Wing 55+ or 60+ Women's
Kayak - TK2 Gary VIC In a double boat, prefer number 2 70+ but able and willing to go down grades
Lawn Bowls Lorraine WA Lead 55+ Ladies Pairs
Lawn Bowls Gary WA Either 55+ Men's Pairs
Netball Melanie - C or WA 45+ Women's
Netball Kate SA WA/C/WD 40 or 45+ Women's
Netball Janet - GA, WA, C 55-59 Women's
Netball Krystal SA C, WD, WA 30+
Netball Sarah SA Any 50+ Women's/Mixed
Netball Pohoikura VIC C, GK, GD Women's 65+
Netball Janet   GA, WA, C 55+
Netball Kelly VIC C, WA, GA Women's 40+
Netball Lynne SA WD, GK Women's 50+
Netball Janna SA GA, GS, WA, WD Women's 45+
Netball Ann SA WD Women's 50+
Netball Judy SA Any except C Women's 60+
Netball Janet SA GS Women's 60+
Netball Sharon SA Any Women's 40+
Netball Linda SA C, WA, WD, GS 50+
Netball Lizzie VIC Mid-Court/Defence Women's 35+
Netball Susan VIC Anywhere Women's 50+
Netball Narni SA GD, GK, GA, GS Women's 35+
Netball Michelle VIC WA Women's 45+
Netball Stephanie   Umpire Any
Rugby Union Joy WA   Women's 30+
Rugby Union Jamie NSW Any Men's 35+
Rugby Union Narni SA   Women's or Mixed 35+
Softball Tony VIC Outfield Men's 45+
Table Tennis John VIC   Mixed Over 63
Table Tennis Ken SA   80+ Men's & Mixed
Tenpin Bowling John SA NA Mens & Mixed Doubles and Triples
Tenpin Bowling Annette SA   Women's or Mixed 55+
Tennis Jason TAS NA Mixed Doubles Combination Age of 90+ or 100+
Tennis Maurice NSW   Mixed doubles 70+ or Aged combination 
Tennis Paul NSW   70+ Men's Doubles
Tennis Judy SA   Mixed doubles 75+ or combined age mixed
Tennis Shaun TAS Female 40+ mixed doubles
Tennis Michael VIC   55+ Men's Doubles
Tennis Neville     40+ Men's and Mixed Doubles
Tennis Eileen SA   65+ Mixed doubles OR Combined Age Group
Touch Football Clara Papua New Guinea Any 45+ Women's or Mixed
Touch Football Jamie NSW Any 35+ Men's
Touch Football Narni SA   Women's or Mixed
Touch Football Melinda Papua New Guinea Any 45+ Women's or Mixed
Touch Football Lincoln Kurie Papua New Guinea Any 40+ Men's or Mixed
Touch Football Danny WA Any 50+ Men's or Mixed
Touch Football Eugene NSW   Mens 50+, Men's 55+, Mixed 50+
Touch Football Paul NSW   Men's 45+, Mens 50+, Mixed 50+
Touch Football Jeff NSW Centre or Wing Mens 50+ or 55+ or Mixed 50+
Touch Football Rod VIC Any Mens 50+, Mens 55+,  Mixed 50+
Touch Football Paul SA Any Men's or Mixed 40+
Touch Football Emma SA Link/Wing 35+ Women's
Touch Football April SA Link Men's 30's/Mixed 30's
Touch Football Brett SA Link Men's or Mixed 40+
Touch Football Janeen QLD Middle Mixed/Women's 45+
Volleyball Narni SA   Women's or Mixed 35+
Volleyball Paul NSW Spiker/Digger Men's and Mixed



















































































































































If you would like to contact any of the above mentioned individuals click here, or email with the following details:

  • Name
  • Your team name (if you already have a team registered)
  • Name of the person you would like to contact
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • State or country you/your team is based in
  • A bit about you/your team

When you send this information through you are giving permission for your details to be passed onto the selected individual.

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